Established in roughly 1859 it started life as a prosperous timber producing town with the Thesen family firmly cementing it in worldwide timber supply and production. The timber industry has since moved further afield, but its industrial area is still home to many fine sawmills, furniture factories and timber merchants.

The statuesque ‘Knysna Heads’ frame the entrance to the magnificent Knysna estuary. Home to teeming sea life and perfect dive spots, the lagoon as it is locally known is a haven for water sports and sunset cruises.

On a commanding hilltop position fanned by cool sea breezes, Charles Thesen built his family home and “Hill House” became a prominent feature of the village. Beautiful architectural detail, original period fittings, high ceilings, gleaming yellowwood and lounges graced by elegant Victorian fireplaces attested to the family’s accomplishments.

Over time, a paradise of trees and exotic flowers made up the gardens and abundant bird species and vervet monkey found cover in the lush garden canopy… and so Falcons View Manor was born.

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